Paul Cauthen // Country Coming Down (White Vinyl)

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Country Coming Down has been in motion awhile, actually. The title track, on of several co-writes with good Nashville pay Aaron Raitiere, has been around since before Cauthen's dark sophomore album ROOM 41. Its sense of campfire calm and "damn near off the map" idyll set a bar, for both music and lifestyle, that Cauthen aspired to, while the rest of the new album, recored at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas with regular collaborators Beau Bedford (Texas Gentlemen) and Jason Burt (Medicine Man Revival), shows that Cauthen was able to get there without losing any of the playful "Hot dog holly golly dagnabit" good-time spirit that rolls of his tongue like a tumbleweed in the west Texas panhandle. If you want to know what COUNTRY COMING DOWN sounds like, tuck into the album's sonic array, an austere, sinewy attack that puts Cauthen's vocals dead center in the ride. "We've really unleashed Big Velvet in this situation, which I love," he says. Nowhere is that more true than "Country As F**k," with a taut groove and loping gait tailor made for a 21st century honky tonk. Cauthen, Bedford and Burt play with that template throughout COUNTRY COMING DOWN, punctuating "Caught Me At a Good Time" with a sharp guitar solo, "High Heels" with a tasteful Wurlitzer break and the satirical  "Country Clubbin" with a disco and chorus of female backing vocals. 


Release Date:  4/1/2022

Track Listing
  1. Country as F**k
  2. Caught Me at a Good Time
  3. High Heels
  4. Country Clubbin'
  5. Champagne & a Limo
  6. F**k You Money
  7. Cut a Rug
  8. Till the Day I Die
  9. Roll on Over
  10. Country Coming Down

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