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Pierre Kwenders // José Louis And The Paradox Of Love

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Motivated by the intricacies of love, Congolese-born, Montreal-based musician, songwriter, and DJ Pierre Kwenders is a storyteller first. His 3rd album, José Louis and the Paradox of Love, comes to a new juncture, both embracing African musical tradition and its evolution. Through Congolese rumba, electronic, pop, R&B, and jazz-
infused progressions (with a mix of global collaborators) he weaves stories and Afro-electronic sounds through the boundaries of language and geography. Includes download card.


Release Date:  6/10/2022

Track Listing
  1. L.E.S. (Liberté Égalité Sagacité)
  2. Your Dream
  3. No No No
  4. Imparfait
  5. Papa Wemba
  6. Religion Désir
  7. Makambo Ya Gaga [Skit]
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Kilimanjaro
  10. Coupé
  11. Sahara
  12. Radio trottoir [Interlude]
  13. Church (Likambo)

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