Porcupine Tree // On the Sunday of Life

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On the Sunday of Life... is the debut album of English progressive rock band Porcupine Tree, first released in May 12, 1992.


Release Date:  3/25/2022

Track Listing
  1. Music for the Head
  2. Jupiter Island
  3. Third Eye Surfer
  4. On the Sunday of Life
  5. The Nostalgia Factory
  6. Space Transmission
  7. Message for a Self-Destructing Turnip
  8. Radioactive Toy
  9. Nine Cats
  10. Hymn
  11. Footprints
  12. Linton Samuel Dawson
  13. And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun
  14. Queen Quotes Crowley
  15. No Luck with Rabbits
  16. Begonia Seduction Scene
  17. This Long Silence
  18. It Will Rain for a Million Years

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