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Primus // Suck On This (Blue Vinyl)

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Primus’ 1989 debut, Suck on This, was a barrel of funk-metal fun that set Les Claypool and Co. on a path to dominate the weird side of metal for years to come. Recorded at a live gig in Berkeley, California, just two months after the band formed, Suck on This exists today as a document of the wild-eyed vision and cartoonish grooves that Primus emanated from the jump.


Release Date:  9/17/2021

Track Listing
  1. John the Fisherman
  2. Groundhog's Day
  3. Heckler, the
  4. Pressman
  5. Jellikit
  6. Tommy the Cat
  7. Pudding Time
  8. Harold of the Rocks
  9. Frizzle Fry

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