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Purity Ring // Womb



2020 release (Colored Vinyl, Red, Indie Exclusive). Womb is Purity Ring's long-awaited third album, following the much-loved and extremely influential Shrines (2012) and Another Eternity (2015). The 5-year gap between albums has only served to distill the gorgeous and ethereal Future Pop for which the band is known


Track Listing

  1. Rubyinsides
  2. Pink Lightning
  3. Peacefall
  4. I Like the Devil
  5. Femia
  6. B1 Sinew
  7. Vehemence
  8. Silkspun
  9. Almanac
  10. Stardew

Release Date: 4/03/2020

Category: Album, Electronic, Halloween, Purity Ring