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Red Hot Chili Peppers // Unlimited Love (Orange Vinyl)

Warner Records

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Almost six years after The Gateway, the Red Hot Chili Peppers return with Unlimited Love, a new studio album produced by Rick Rubin and featuring John Frusciante on guitar.

Release Date:  4/1/2022

Track Listing
  1. Black Summer
  2. Here Ever After
  3. Aquatic Mouth Dance
  4. Not the One
  5. Poster Child
  6. The Great Apes
  7. It's Only Natural
  8. She's a Lover
  9. These Are the Ways
  10. Whatchu Thinkin'
  11. Bastards of Light
  12. White Braids & Pillow Chair
  13. One Way Traffic
  14. Veronica
  15. Let 'Em Cry
  16. The Heavy Wing
  17. Tangelo

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