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Roy Orbison // At The Rock House

Warner Music Group


At The Rock House is the first full length album by the great Roy Orbison, comprised of material recorded in 1956-57 and released by Sun Records in 1961 when he had already begun his successful tenure with Monument Records. The record showcases the Big O's traditional early rockabilly/rock 'n' roll work with Sun and Sam Phillips and includes his impassioned takes on Johnny Cash's "You're My Baby," Conway Twitty's "Rock House" and Phillips' "Mean Little Mama" and "Problem Child."

Track Listing

  1. This Kind of Love
  2. Devil Doll
  3. You're My Baby
  4. Tryin' to Get to You
  5. It's Too Late
  6. Rock House
  7. You're Gonna Cry
  8. I Never Knew
  9. Sweet and Easy to Love
  10. Mean Little Mama
  11. Ooby Dooby
  12. Problem Child

Release Date: 7/14/2017

Category: Album, Rock, Roy Orbison