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Saâda Bonaire // 1992

Captured Tracks Rec.


Recently recovered from a cellar in East Berlin, 1992 compiles the cult German studio project Saâda Bonaire's long-lost early nineties material. Produced between Bremen and New York City, the 12 songs presented here capture the group's attempts at steering their trademark fusion sound (reggae, afro-funk, Eastern music, and sultry German female vocals) into uncharted nu jazz, trip-hop, and house territories. Co-produced by renowned DJ Matthias Heillbronn at François Kevorkian's Axis Studios, this new collection was considered too bizarre for 1990s record label standards, and as a result the material was never published. Still sounding fresh, 1992 further demonstrates Saâda Bonaire's flair for creating pop music for past, present, and future outsiders.


Release Date:  5/6/2022

Track Listing
  1. Woman
  2. To Know You Is To Love You
  3. Extremes
  4. So Many Dreams
  5. Running
  6. Okay It's Over
  7. That's Right
  8. Lovelife
  9. Your Prince
  10. 7th House
  11. Move From the Heart
  12. Follow Your Mind

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