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Santana // Blessings and Miracles

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Blessings and Miracles has 15 tracks, including “Ghost Of The Future”, an interlude that serves as a welcoming and farewell jam, first preparing the listener for the main content and finally trying to keep the songs as an everlasting continuum. “Santana Celebration” summarizes Santana’s soul, his Latin blood inlaid meshed with rock. The track features traditional elements of Santana’s music like Hammond, bongo and conga drums, as well as his unmistakable distorted guitar solos. “Rumbalero”, featuring Santana’s son Salvador Santana and Asdru Sierra, keeps the previous vibe but adding modern elements like a synthesizer.


Release Date:  3/18/2022

Track Listing
  1. Ghost of Future Pull / New Light
  2. Santana Celebration
  3. Rumbalero
  4. Joy
  5. Move
  6. Whiter Shades Of Pale (Feat. Steve Winwood)
  7. Break (Feat. Ally Brooke)
  8. She's Fire
  9. Peace Power (Feat. Corey Glover)
  10. America For Sale (Feat. Kirk Hammett & Mark Osegueda)
  11. Breathing Underwater
  12. Mother Yes
  13. Song For Cindy
  14. Angel Choir / All Together (Feat. Chick Corea & Gayle Moran Corea)
  15. Ghost Of Future Pull II

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