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Sega Bodega // Romeo

Harmonia Mundi

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Born in Ireland, raised in Glasgow and now based in London, producer, performer and label head Sega Bodega - AKA Salvador Navarrete - has built a reputation as being one of the UK's most innovative and precocious creative minds. Inspired as much by his close network of peers as his love of cinematic soundscapes, he has made impacts spanning across music, fashion and film, soundtracking some of the most important cultural moments in recent years, as well as building a catalogue of prolific and critically acclaimed solo releases that traverse genre, style and composition. His new album, Romeo, explores Sega's relationship with his fictional girlfriend, Luci (after Lucifer: bringer of light), who is a being made entirely from light. Romeo is some of his best production work to date, with a few sonic curveballs, and his vocal performance is brought more to the forefront than ever before. It's a show of Sega really coming into himself as a multifaceted artist and features cameso from Charlotte Gainsbourgo and Arca.

Release Date:  5/8/2022

Track Listing
  1. Effeminacy
  2. Angel on My Shoulder
  3. All of My Friends Think I'm Too Young for You
  4. Only Seeing God When I Come
  5. I Need Nothing from You
  6. Naturopathe
  7. Cicada
  8. Romeo
  9. Um Um
  10. Calvin
  11. Lucia

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