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Set It Off // Elsewhere (Hot Pink Vinyl 2LP)

Fearless Records


Set It Off has never been your standard emo band. Or pop group. Or pop-punk band. They are all of those things and more. Just listen to the lead singles from the new album Elsewhere – moody, melodious pop-rock with fast rapping tearing up the break. The album is about embracing who you are unapologetically and without filters. Elsewhere epitomizes Set It Off now – a group both fully committed to its roots and diving into its future by embracing inevitable change. Hot Pink 2 LP. Gatefold jacket.

Release Date:  7/15/2022

Track Listing
  1. Skeleton
  2. Projector
  3. Cut Off
  4. Loose Cannon
  5. Why Do I
  6. As Good As It Gets
  7. Who's In Control
  8. Taste Of The Good Like
  9. Why Not Me
  10. Dangerous
  11. Cordial
  12. The Magic 8
  13. Playing With Bad Luck
  14. Peekaboo
  15. Catch A Break
  16. Better Than This

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