She & Him // Melt Away: A Tribute To Brian Wilson (Lemonade Translucen - Vinylmnky


She & Him // Melt Away: A Tribute To Brian Wilson (Lemonade Translucent Vinyl)



She & Him’s 7th studio album is a loving tribute to one of the greatest living American singer/songwriters. Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson finds Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward diving deep into the legendary artist’s extensive songbook with fascinating new spins on time-honored classics and overlooked gems. These 14 covers are infused with the familiar magic She & Him fans know and love, offering a new window into Wilson’s iconic catalog. Indie Exclusive Lemonade Translucent LP. Limited Edition.


Release Date:  7/22/2022

Track Listing
  1. Melt Away: Darlin' 
  2. Melt Away: Wouldn't It Be Nice
  3. Melt Away: 'Til I Die
  4. Melt Away: Deirdre
  5. Melt Away: Melt Away
  6. Melt Away: Good To My Baby
  7. Melt Away: Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
  8. Melt Away: Don't Worry Baby
  9. Melt Away: This Whole World
  10. Melt Away: Kiss Me Baby
  11. Melt Away: Do It Again
  12. Melt Away: Heads You Win - Tails I Lose
  13. Melt Away: Please Let Me Wonder
  14. Melt Away: Meant For You 

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