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Sierra Ferrell // Long Time Coming (Gold Vinyl)


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Sierra Ferrell’s debut album, Long Time Coming, encompasses a wide array of mid-20th-century styles. However, she leans towards classic country and roots music. Indie-Exclusive Olive Green

Release Date:  7/22/2022 (1/6/2023 - Gold vinyl)

Track Listing
  1. The Sea
  2. Jeremiah
  3. Bells Of Every Chapel (Feat. Billy Strings)
  4. At The End Of The Rainbow
  5. West Virginia Waltz
  6. Silver Dollar
  7. Far Away Across The Sea
  8. Why'd Ya Do It
  9. Give It Time
  10. In Dreams
  11. Made Like That
  12. Whispering Waltz

    Category: Album, Country/Folk, Sierra Ferrell