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SIR REG // Kings Of Sweet Feck All

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SIR REG is an energetic seven-piece act from Sweden. With songs about everything from the issues of modern-day society to finding the right bar on a Saturday night, their new album – Kings of Sweet Feck All – continues the story of the tales and struggles of ordinary men and women fighting to make their voices heard and opinions count, while not losing their spirit and ability to enjoy the simpler things in life – like hanging out with friends at their favorite bar on a Saturday night. Indie LP.


Release Date:  4/1/2022

Track Listing
  1. The Kings Of Sweet Feck All
  2. Goodbye To All Your Freedom
  3. Open The Pubs
  4. Tosspot City
  5. Thank You For Your Lies
  6. The Coming Regime
  7. Sober Up To Drink
  8. Kick Out The Scum
  9. The Stinking Mattress
  10.  Give Up The Drugs
  11. The Story's Been Told

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