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Sister Ray // Communion

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Communion, the debut album by Sister Ray, is a raw, meticulously-crafted portrait of momentous, ordinary moments; experiences that define your past, and instruct how you move through the world. . The record is anchored by guitar melodies that bear an undercurrent of turmoil, and echoes with the wisdom of hard-won lessons. It’s a
break-up album invested in exploring the motivations behind actions, rather than attempting moral judgment. Out May 13 via Royal Mountain Records.


Release Date:  5/13/2022

Track Listing
  1. Violence
  2. Good News
  3. Visions
  4. I Want To Be Your Man
  5. Reputations
  6. Justice
  7. Jackie In The Kitchen
  8. Power
  9. Crucified
  10. Prophecy

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