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Slowdive // Holding Our Breath (Limited Edition Orange Vinyl)

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Limited Edition (4000) individually numbered copies on "Flaming" Orange 180g vinyl. Holding Our Breath is undoubtedly Slowdive’s best EP featuring some of their best pre-Souvlaki recordings including Catch The Breeze, Shine and their cover of Syd Barrett’s Golden Hair which I personally think far eclipses the original. Those tracks feature the beautiful voice of Rachel Goswell and all these years later not only is Rachel recording with Slowdive but she’s released an album by her other new group Minor Victories.

Release Date:  11/13/2020

Track Listing
  1. Catch the Breeze
  2. Golden Hair
  3. Shine
  4. Albatross

Category: Album, Rock, Slowdive

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