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Smino // blkswn


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Double vinyl LP pressing. Blkswn is Smino's 2017 debut studio album. Smino, known for eclectic sound stays true St. Louis roots. The album includes guest appearances from Ravyn Lenae, Bari, theMIND, Jay2, Via Rosa, Drea Smith, Akenya, Jean Deaux, and Noname, with production coming from Monte Booker, THEMpeople, Sango, Phoelix, and J. Bird.

Release Date:  9/29/2017

Track Listing
  1. Wild Irish Roses 
  2. Maraca 
  3. Glass Flows 
  4. Flea Flicka 
  5. Spitshine 
  6. Netflix & Dusse 
  7. Anita
  8. Lobby Kall 
  9. Edgar Allan Poe'd Up 
  10. Father Son Holy Smoke 
  11. B Role 
  12. Blkoscars 
  13. BLKSWN 
  14. Long Run 
  15. Innamission
  16. Silk Pillows 
  17. Ricky Millions 
  18. Amphetamine 

    Category: Album, Hip-Hop, Smino

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