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SOHN // Rennen

Warner Music Group

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The London-born artist has traded Vienna for the warmth of Los Angeles, but the influence of his former home still lingers (Rennen is a German verb meaning ‘to run’). Resuming a nocturnal schedule – as he did with Tremors – SOHN spent a month writing alone in northern California, recording until the morning most days. The ten songs of Rennen are confidently direct and focused. Consciously exercising restraint SOHN used only a handful of musical elements on each track, eager to allow the spotlight to shine on the vocals, melodies and rhythms.

Track Listing

  1. Hard Liquor
  2. Conrad
  3. Signal
  4. Dead Wrong
  5. Primary
  6. Falling
  7. Still Water
  8. Rennen
  9. Proof
  10. Harbour

Release Date: 1/13/2017

Category: Album, Pop, Rock, SOHN

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