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St. Paul & The Broken Bones // The Alien Coast

ATO Records



A fever dream in sonic form, The Alien Coast is the first album St. Paul & The Broken Bones recorded in their hometown of Birmingham. Produced by Matt Ross-Spang, the bands 4th full-length is a dizzying convergence of rock n’ roll, R&B, psychedelia, stoner metal, gospel and jazz-funk. At turns explosive, elegant, and thrillingly unhinged - it makes for a majestic backdrop to the group’s visceral exploration of the strangest dimensions of the human psyche. Limited Indie Exclusive Gold Nugget LP or Black LP.


Release Date:  1/28/2022

Track Listing
  1. 3000 AD Mass

  2. Bermejo And The Devil

  3. Minotaur

  4. Atlas

  5. The Last Dance

  6. Ghost In Smoke

  7. Alien

  8. Coast

  9. Hunter And His Hounds

  10. Tin Man Love

  11. Popcorn Ceiling

  12. Love Letter From A Red Roof Inn