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Sun Kil Moon // Ghosts Of The Great Highway

Warner Music Group

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An album as good as Ghosts of the Great Highway should never go out of print. Ghosts continues- even fine-tunes- the work Kozelek did with his former band, Red House Painters. These songs are virtuously stoic Americana- all shimmery guitars, measured tempos, malevolent moods, and wandering melodies.

Track Listing

  1. Glenn Tipton
  2. Carry Me Ohio
  3. Salvador Sanchez
  4. Last Tide
  5. Floating
  6. Gentle Moon
  7. Lily and Parrots
  8. Duk Koo Kim
  9. Si, Paloma
  10. Pancho Villa
  11. Gentle Moon (Acoustic)

Release Date: 2/16/2018

Category: Album, Rock, Sun Kil Moon