Ta-Ku // Songs To Come Home To (White 2 LP)

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Release Date:  8/25/2023


After a 7-year hiatus, renowned R&B/hip hop producer and multi-disciplinary artist Ta-ku releases his highly anticipated album, Songs To Come Home To, capping the series of coveted EPs – Songs To Break Up To (2013) and Songs To Make Up To (2015). Ta-ku enlists over 30 talented collaborators, from Questlove to Sango to Wafia and more, to create a special collection designed as “a sonic journey that evokes a sense of peace, gratitude and appreciation...a familiar feeling that 'home' has always given us.” Available on White 2 LP.

Track Listing
  1. THE END (feat. Thrupence, Will Paquin & rum.gold)
  2. HOME (Kenny's Interlude) (feat. Joekenneth)
  3. SMILE (feat. Xavier Omär, DAISY WORLD & ROMderful)
  4. WAY OUT (feat. Milan Ring, matt mcwaters, & ?uestlove)
  5. CRY (feat. Becca Hatch)
  6. INNER SOUL (feat. Chanel Loren & matt mcwaters)
  7. BETTER (feat. Jay Prince & Billy Davis)
  8. CALL MY NAME (feat. JMSN)
  9. HARD2SAY (feat. 1300 & Sango)
  10. TWO OF US (feat. alayna)
  11. THROUGH AND FALLING (feat. matt mcwaters & kerri)
  12. WE GOT (feat. Louis Baker & REPEAT PATTERN)
  13. KNOW ME (feat. NOÉ, James Poyser & KAINA)
  14. THE SCORE (feat. Panama)
  15. LIGHTNING (feat. Wafia & Young Franco)
  16. RUNAWAY (feat. RINI & Touch Sensitive)
  17. DAWN (feat. NOÉ, Cabu & TRŪ SAALI)
  18. HOPES & DREAMS (feat. Hopes & Dreams Club)
  20. TAKE ON ME w/ NOÉ (Bonus Cover)

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