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Tall Heights // Juniors (Red & White Swirl Vinyl)

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Red & White
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The third full-length from Tall Heights, Juniors emerged from a period of profound turmoil and revelation for the Massachusetts duo. In the span of five months, Paul Wright and Tim Harrington experienced a convergence of events that included major health and substance-abuse crises among their closest loved ones, saying goodbye to Harrington's grandfather and to a beloved grandfather figure for Wright, and-in far happier, yet still intense news-the announcement that each of their wives was expecting. Compounded by a series of shake-ups in their professional life, that upheaval coincided with the start of the pandemic. Rather than succumbing to the tremendous pressure of that point in time, Tall Heights chose to confront the chaos by creating within it. The result: an album that precisely channels the pain, uncertainty, and unbridled joy of it's inception.


Release Date:  4/8/2022

Track Listing
  1. Keeps Me Light
  2. Locked Out
  3. Hear It Again
  4. Mountain Prelude
  5. The Mountain
  6. Waking Up
  7. Raindrop
  8. Come Outside
  9. Releaf
  10. Lonely World
  11. Flyin' Overhead
  12. It's Insane

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