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Tears for Fears // The Tipping Point

Concord Records

Picture Disc


Some forty years into one of music’s most impactful partnerships, Tears For Fears have arrived together at The Tipping Point – the group’s ambitious, accomplished and surprising first new studio album in nearly two decades. An inspired song cycle that vividly recalls the depth and emotional force of the group’s earliest triumphs, The Tipping Point is the bold, beautiful and powerful sound of Tears For Fears finding themselves together all over again.

Release Date:  2/25/2022

Picture Disc Release Date: 5/20/2022

Track Listing
  1. No Small Thing
  2. The Tipping Point
  3. Long, Long, Long Time
  4. Break The Man
  5. My Demons
  6. Rivers Of Mercy
  7. Please Be Happy
  8. Master Plan
  9. End Of Night
  10. Stay

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