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The Band CAMINO // The Band CAMINO


Release Date:  6/10/2022


If there’s a certain equation to a perfect pop-rock song—gang vocals, palm-muted power chords, a charming turn of phrase, an ascending chorus, a tight drum fill—then call The Band CAMINO mathematicians. Since 2015, the Nashville band has endeared themselves to fans with a series of blithesome EPs—2016’s My Thoughts on You, 2017’s Heaven, 2019’s tryhard—leading to this moment, The Band CAMINO, their debut self-titled full-length album. And there’s a lot here: the electro-pop cowbell of the crushable “I Think I Like You,” the stadium-sized guitar solo of “Know It All,” the happy handclaps of “1 Last Cigarette,” the heartfelt spacey synth ballad “Who Do You Think You Are?” (If that isn’t enough of a tearjerker, “Sorry Mom” does the trick.) Across 14 tracks, The Band CAMINO proves that they are a band in the business of big feelings—and it feels good.

Track Listing
  2. Roses
  3. Underneath My Skin
  4. I Think I Like You
  5. Know It All
  6. Who Do You Think You Are?
  7. Sorry Mom
  8. Just A Phase
  9. 1 Last Cigarette
  10. Song About You
  11. Damage
  12. Look Up
  13. Help Me Get Over You
  14. Get It Your Way

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