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The Bee Gees // Spicks & Specks

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Released in 1966, 'Spicks and Specks' was the second record released under the tutelage of Australia's Festival Records, written mostly by the then-teenager Barry Gibb. Packed full of rich vocal harmonies and simple arrangements, this was the definitive sixties pop sound.


Release Date:  5/20/2022

Track Listing
  1. Monday's Rain
  2. How Many Birds
  3. Play Down
  4. Second Hand People
  5. I Don't Know Why I Bother with Myself
  6. Big Chance
  7. Spicks and Specks
  8. Jingle Jangle
  9. Tint of Blue
  10. Where Are You
  11. Born a Man
  12. Glass House

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