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The Beths // Warm Blood (Chocolate Brown Vinyl)

Redeye Distribution


The Beths' Warm Blood is a strong contender for the catchiest record you've never heard. Formed when four jazz students at the University of Auckland bonded over their shared love of the pop-punk sounds of their youth, The Beths bring new energy to the genre. This 5-song debut EP, a deliriously pleasurable statement of purpose, comes crammed with enough blissful hooks to carry through most bands' careers. With impeccable production from guitarist Jonathan Pearce and stellar musicianship across the board, Warm Blood is a non-stop delight. Tracks like leadoff track and first single "Whatever"


Release Date:  3/4/2022

Track Listing
  1. Whatever
  2. Warm Blood
  3. Idea / Intent
  4. Rush Hour 3
  5. Lying in the Sun

    Category: Album, Rock, The Beths