The Head and The Heart // Every Shade Of Blue

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Color: Black

Release Date:  Orange - 11/25/2022, Black - 2/17/2023


From the anthemic "Virginia (Wind In The Night)," an ode to Russell's native state to which he's recently relocated ("If it was solely up to me, I'd live here for the rest of my life," he says), to the minimal but momentous "Tiebreaker," Every Shade of Blue showcases The Head and the Heart's unique ability to dip it's toes into a variety of musical genres. It's the band's knack for supreme melody, however, that remains a constant. And it's why many of the songs on Every Shade of Blue, including the slow-rolling title track, "Every Shade of Blue," which Russell says has "a Sinatra vibe," are undeniable pop-radio missiles. The band's ability to create music that appeals to listeners' common denominator, Russell says, is something he not only won't shy away from but is immensely proud of. 
Track Listing
  1. Every Shade of Blue
  2. Tiebreaker
  3. Paradigm
  4. Virginia (Wind in the Night)
  5. Same Hurt
  6. Hurts But It Goes Away
  7. Don't Show Your Weakness
  8. Love We Make
  9. Starstruck
  10. Love Me Still
  11. Shut Up
  12. Family Man
  13. Taking My Time (Wrong Woman)
  14. Enemy Lines
  15. Shadows
  16. Gtfu

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