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The Mountain Goats // Bleed Out (Yellow Vinyl)

Merge Records

Release Date:  8/19/2022


Double yellow colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Includes digital download. Bleed Out is all pent-up energy and explosion, executed by a bunch of friends who were mainly happy to be in a room together making loud noises. In January 2021, just weeks after Darnielle had started writing, his bandmates Peter Hughes, Matt Douglas, and Jon Wurster joined him at a studio in the woods near his home in Chapel Hill. Everything was finished within a week.


Track Listing
  1. Training Montage
  2. Mark on You
  3. Wage Wars Get Rich
  4. Die Handsome
  5. Extraction Point
  6. Bones Don't Rust
  7. First Blood
  8. Make You Suffer
  9. Guys on Every Corner
  10. Hostages
  11. Need More Bandages
  12. Incandescent Ruins
  13. Bleed Out

    Category: Album, Rock, The Mountain Goats