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The Mowgli's // Kids in Love

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The Mowgli's are eight friends from Los Angeles who are making music with love, and making love with music. They're latest album, Kids in Love is a testament to that, and is now on our signature marketplace!



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"[Kids in Love] digs down deep into the positivity that all humans could use every once in a while. It makes you smile. It makes you want to get up and dance. It just makes you happy. It is a blissful summer soundtrack that is pop-rock at its finest." - TGATRS

"Bottom line is this: listening to Kids In Love will make you smile. Nothing else matters. It’s just as uplifting as its predecessor." - Stitched Up FM


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LP - Black


- Track List -
Side A: Your're Not Alone - I'm Good - Bad Dream - What's Going On? - Through The Dark - Whatever Forever
Side B: Make It - Right - Love Me Away - Shake Me Up - Home To You - Kids In Love - Sunlight


Release Date: April 14, 2015
Record Label: Photo Finish

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