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The Orion Experience // CosmiCandy


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Welcome to the Cult of Dionysus. The Orion Experience’s full-length debut album, Cosmicandy, packs hit after hit of dance floor ready power pop. “The Queen of White Lies,” opens the record with a dark ‘60s pop vibe and continues on with other hits like “Adrianne,” “Obsessed with You,” and “The Cult of Dionysus” (their biggest to date). This album is a certified banger throughout and showcases a strong start for the NYC-based band.


Release Date:  7/29/2022

Track Listing
  1. The Queen of White Lies
  2. The Cult Of Dionysus
  3. Obsessed with You
  4. I Love the Stars
  5. Adrianne
  6. There's No Love in February
  7. Like Sexy Dynamite
  8. Your New Boyfriend
  9. We Are the Ones
  10. Blood & Money

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