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The Scary Jokes // April Fools (Pink Smoke Vinyl)


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April Fools is an ambitiously arranged, 8-bit psychedelic wonderland rendered as a seamless album experience. Both deeply personal and overwhelmingly relatable, it’s a portrait of unrequited love, self-destruction, and resilience painted so vividly that it had no choice but to become a viral sensation. Featuring the singles “Icicles,” “Catabolic Seed,” and “Apple Pie,” the album catapulted the Scary Jokes into a new stratosphere of popularity. Indie Exclusive Pink Smoke LP. Limited Edition.


Release Date:  7/29/2022

Track Listing
  1. Friends With You
  2. Apple Pie
  3. Feelin' So Matryoshka
  4. In a Bitter Syrup
  5. Catabolic Seed
  6. Icicles
  7. A Mannequin Adrift
  8. Blood from the Concrete
  9. A Night at the Movies
  10. Pink Smoke
  11. Pleasure Cruise
  12. Toynbee Tiles

    Category: Album, Pop, The Scary Jokes