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The Used // Heartwork

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Double LP, Clear Vinyl/ Red/ Black - In 2014, Dan Snaith aka Caribou released Our Love to overwhelming critical acclaim. Caribou returns now with his new studio album Suddenly, a warm, untamable, and constantly surprising record about family and the changes we go through as those relationships evolve.

Track Listing

  1. Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton 

  2. Blow Me (Ft. Jason Aalon Butler) 

  3. Big, Wanna Be 

  4. Bloody Nose 

  5. Wow, I Hate This Song 

  6. My Cocoon 

  7. Cathedral Bell 

  8. 1984 (Infinite Jest) 

  9. Gravity's Rainbow 

  10. Clean Cut Heals 

  11. Heartwork 

  12. The Lighthouse (Ft. Mark Hoppus) 

  13. Oblivious Blasé (Ft. Travis Barker) 

  14. The Lottery (Ft. Caleb Shomo) 

  15. Darkness Bleeds, FOTF 

  16. To Feel Something 

Release Date:  4/24/2020

Category: Album, Rock, The Used