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These Arms Are Snakes // Duct Tape & Shivering Crows (Green & Pink Splatter Vinyl)



Over the course of their seven-year run back in the '00s, These Arms Are Snakes covered a lot of territory, both in terms of actual miles spent on the road and in terms of their creative bandwidth. Though the band was often mistaken for a typical non sequitur-named screamo outt or another "animal" indie band, the Seattle group quickly deed expectations and garnered a reputation for subverting the popular underground sounds of time. The group cultivated a small but fervent fanbase across multiple continents with their signature combination of synth-infused noise rock, bad-trip psychedelia, amboyant proto-metal boogie, and unhinged basement-show hardcore before imploding at the end of 2009. And while These Arms Are Snakes' full-length albums remain tting testaments to the band's frantic urgency and stylistic uidity, there is a treasure trove of deep cuts buried on b-sides and split releases that further reinforce their position as one of the weirdest and wildest acts of the decade. For the rst time, those rarities and one-offs have been compiled into a cohesive overview of These Arms Are Snakes' lifespan on the double LP Duct Tape & Shivering Crows.


Release Date:  4/15/2022

Track Listing
  1. Meet Your Mayor
  2. Camera Shy
  3. Trix
  4. Energy Drink and the Long Walk Home
  5. Heart Shaped Box
  6. Washburn
  7. Old Paradise
  8. Payday Loans
  9. Hook on This
  10. Riding the Grape Dragon (Demo)
  11. Run It Through the Dog (Demo)
  12. Diggers of Ditches Everywhere (Demo)
  13. The Blue Rose (Demo)

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