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Third Eye Blind // Third Eye Blind



Third Eye Blind's debut album is a landmark of '90s alternative rock, embracing a potpourri of styles without ever losing its focused vision. Hip-hop and power pop collide on the delirious "Semi-Charmed Life," while elsewhere 3EB take detours through churning space rock ("Good for You"), distorted fuzz pop ("London"), and slinky psych funk ("I Want You"). Third Eye Blind's lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of being at an emotional crossroads in life, and the anti-suicide message of "Jumper" still resonates deeply today.


Release Date:  9/2/2022

Track Listing
  1. Losing a Whole Year
  2. Narcolepsy
  3. Semi-Charmed Life
  4. Jumper
  5. Graduate
  6. How's It Going to Be
  7. Thanks a Lot
  8. Burning Man
  9. Good for You
  10. London
  11. I Want You
  12. The Background
  13. Motorcycle Drive By
  14. God of Wine

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