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This Is The Kit // Careful Of Your Keepers

Rough Trade US

Release Date:  6/9/2023


Singer-songwriter and composer, Kate Stables returns with a wondrous new This Is The Kit album, Careful of Your Keepers, that chronicles a world of mistakes and mishaps, cruel circumstances, and universe-driven surprises. It's a record that embraces the concept of outrospection – the idea that you get to know oneself by developing relationships and empathic thinking with others – and brings the Paris-based, UK-born bandleader's signature ability to move swiftly between cryptic poetry to honest inquisition to the fore

Track Listing
  1. Goodbye Bite
  2. Inside Outside
  3. Take You To Sleep
  4. More Change
  5. This Is When The Sky Gets Big
  6. Scabby Head and Legs
  7. Careful Of Your Keepers
  8. Doomed Or More Doomed
  9. Stuck In A Room
  10. Dibs

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