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Tom Petty // Finding Wildflowers

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Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) features 16 studio recordings of alternate takeslong cuts and jam versions of Wildflowers songs as Tom, band members and co-producer Rick Rubin worked to finalize the album in 1994.

Release Date:  4/16/2021

Track Listing
Side A

01 A Higher Place
02 Hard on Me
03 Cabin Down Below
04 Crawling Back To You

Side B

05 Only a Broken Heart
06 Drivin’ Down To Georgia
07 You Wreck Me
08 It’s Good to Be King

Side C

09 House in The Woods
10 Honey Bee
11 Girl On LSD
12 Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)

Side D

13 Wildflowers
14 Don’t Fade on Me
15 Wake Up Time
16 You Saw Me Comin’

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