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Tom Waits // Alice



A devastatingly beautiful atmosphere made of sorrow and reverie, insanity and resignation, rises like a mist in Alice. It's a lyrical melancholia, a feeling that creeps in on the arms of Stroh violins and unabashed poetry.


Release Date:  12/31/2025

Track Listing
  1. Alice
  2. Everything You Can Think
  3. Flowers Grave
  4. No One Knows I'm Gone
  5. Kommienezuspadt
  6. Poor Edward
  7. Table Top Joe
  8. Lost in the Harbour
  9. We're All Mad Here
  10. Watch Her Disappear
  11. Reeperbahn
  12. I'm Still Here
  13. Fish and Bird
  14. Barcarolle
  15. Fawn

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