Vangelis // Juno to Jupiter

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In 2011 NASA’s Juno space probe was catapulted toward Jupiter to investigate the planet’s atmospheric and magnetic properties. In his first major masterpiece in two decades, Academy Award-winning composer Vangelis celebrates this remarkable endeavor with beautiful, dramatic music of vast sonic horizons. Using his trademark synthesizers, he incorporates electro-magnetic sounds from the planet, mission control commands, and the ethereal, wordless voice of soprano Angela Gheorghiu (”Juno’s Tender Call” and “Juno’s Accomplishments”). “Out in Space,” which places Juno’s radio signals against the vastness of the universe, is pure, vintage Vangelis. Myth meets science in “Zeus Almighty,” as the music grapples with the gas giant’s awesome power before the simple beauty of “In Serenitatem” leaves Juno wheeling silently in space.


Release Date:  4/8/2022

Track Listing
  1. Atlas' Push
  2. Inside Our Perspectives
  3. Out in Space
  4. Juno's Quiet Determination
  5. Jupiter's Intuition
  6. Juno's Power
  7. Space's Mystery Road
  8. In the Magic of Cosmos
  9. Juno's Tender Call
  10. Juno's Echoes
  11. Juno's Ethereal Breeze
  12. Jupiter's Veil of Clouds
  13. Hera / Juno Queen of the Gods
  14. Zeus Almighty
  15. Jupiter Rex
  16. Juno's Accomplishments
  17. Apo 22
  18. In Serenitatem

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