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Wax UK // A Box Of Wax



Wax were a new wave duo in Manchester, England, consisting of American singer-songwriter Andrew Gold and 10cc guitarist/bassist Graham Gouldman. They are best known for their European hit singles "Bridge to Your Heart" and "Right Between the Eyes". In the US, they were listed as Wax UK, while later releases were additionally credited as Andrew Gold & Graham Gouldman. This 3LP box set includes the albums Magnetic Heaven, American English, and A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes. Magnetic Heaven is the 1986 debut album by Wax UK. This debut spent nearly three months on the U.S. album charts, spawning the hit "Right Between the Eyes". American English is a second studio album by Wax UK released in 1987. It includes their biggest hit single "Bridge to Your Heart". A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes is the third and final studio album from the British duo Wax UK, released in 1989. The majority of the album was produced by Peter Collins, with four tracks produced by members Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman."Wherever You Are" was released as the album's lead single. The second and final single, "Anchors Aweigh", reached No. 95 in the UK and remained in the charts for two weeks.


Release Date:  4/1/2022

Track Listing
  1. Right Between the Eyes
  2. Hear No Evil
  3. Shadows of Love
  4. Marie Claire
  5. Ball and Chain
  6. Systematic
  7. Breakout
  8. Only a Visitor
  9. Rise Up
  10. Magnetic Heaven
  11. The Lie
  12. American English
  13. In Some Other World
  14. Ready of Not
  15. Call It Destiny
  16. Bridge to Your Heart
  17. Share the Glory
  18. Alright Tonight
  19. The Promise
  20. Heaven in Her Bed
  21. Bug in the Machine
  22. People All Over the World
  23. Anchors Aweigh
  24. Wherever You Are
  25. Railroad to Heaven
  26. He Said She Said
  27. Spell on You
  28. Don't Play That Song
  29. Pictures of Paris
  30. Maybe
  31. Madeleine
  32. Credit Where Credit's Due

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