X Ambassadors // The Beautiful Liar (Marigold LP)

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On their 3rd full-length album, The Beautiful Liar, the multi-platinum-selling alt-rock band X Ambassadors pay homage to beloved fictions of their childhood, sharing songs that tell the tale of a blind teenage girl discovering her long-dormant superpowers. It’s the latest and most ambitious outcome of the band’s hyper-creative tendencies. They have augmented the album’s storytelling component by weaving in a series of interludes between songs that propel its wildly original plot forward.


Release Date:  12/3/2021

Track Listing
  1. CHAPTER ONE: The Sleeping Giant
  2. Beautiful Liar
  3. My Own Monster
  4. Adrenaline
  5. Bullshit
  6. CHAPTER TWO: Enter The Shadow
  7. Conversations With My Friends
  8. I Can See The Light…
  9. Palo Santo
  10. Theater Of War
  12. Love Is Death
  13. Somebody Who Knows
  14. Okay
  15. Reincarnated

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