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Years & Years // Communion

Interscope Records

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Type: Album

Years & Years

[ Overview ]

At its truest form, music is a creative expression of intimate thoughts and feelings, shared by the artists who create it and embraced by the audiences that listen. Music is communion.

Years and Years deliver an intimate confessional with fervent desire in their debut album, tracing lines of vulnerability, self-restraint, shame, and self-awareness through uplifting and radiant dance tracks and back again through decelerated, nineties R&B grooves. There’s a dichotomy existing within CommunionOn the surface, the glowing synth and intoxicating beats are nothing but dance inspiring; but each song is innately a deep-seated transmission of buried truths and relentless passion. It’s demonstrative of the bands’ resolve against pop superficiality for music that shares intimate emotions and uncompromised desires within synth drenched deep house grooves.

Even as every song in Communion shines brightly, King reigns from the top. Pulsing with London house vibes, blazing synth and soaring vocals, King shines with its fresh composition and swaggering originality. Eyes Shut exemplifies the existing dichotomy as it slowly enters with a pronounced dance evoking drum beat and expanding synth, but is partnered with moving lyrics like, “Throw your heart to me. Let it fall and hit the ground” and “All I really want is you to understand that I’m a mess…” The trio intertwines profound, heart rending themes within infectious nineties style house and unabashed pop. The album closes with a beautiful confessional detailing the vulnerability in sensuality and sexuality. With lyrics like, “Oh, I want you to stay. If I tried my hardest, would you look my way…?” Memo outlines the torment of helpless love and unbalanced desire coming through with stunning, emotional clarity.

As celebratory, energetic, and thrilling their songs are, there’s a prevailing sense of poignancy within almost every track. Years and Years throws their hearts to us, sharing their most intimate feelings and thoughts, redefining how music, and communion, can be presented.

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[ Album Information ]

2 180g LP - Black


- Track List -
Side A: Foundation - Real - Shine
Side B: Take Shelter - Worship - Eyes Shut
Side C: Ties - King - Desire
Side D: Gold - Without - Border - Memo


Release Date: June 22, 2015
Record Label: Interscope