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What else is there to say about Boygenius? Has there really been any more lauded ‘supergroup’ in recent memory? It’s not even fair to make that analog. There’s no comparison of three artists at their peak coming together like this. 

So, with The Record, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus do exactly what you’d think they’d do: bring forth a concise masterclass of songwriting and performance. The album starts with “Without You Without Them”, an acapella track where you hear all three performers harmonizing, anchored by Dacus’s warm, powerful voice. It’s a beautiful curtain-raiser, inviting you in immediately. When the chugging rock of the Baker-led “$20” kicks in right after, it’s a bit jarring, but it also immediately communicates that Boygenius will not be restricted to any sort of range. 

“Emily I’m Sorry” feels coolly and wistful like a Bridgers solo song as it begins, but it come off the hinges as Baker and Dacus’s background vocals roll in like fog.  Then comes “True Blue”, a propulsive, bubbling cut that is the album’s best. It simply soars as the drums give you the feeling of being in motion. Songs like “Not Strong Enough” and “Satanist” are excellent, rollicking group cuts, while others - like “We’re in Love” and “Letter to an Old Poet” are gorgeous ballads.

To say much more would really do a disservice. “The Record” by Boygenius takes the elements from their 2018 EP together and makes blows them up widescreen. It’s an immensely powerful collection of songs by three of the best songwriters today, blending their disparate styles, creating something truly staggering. It’s essential listening for any time, any season, any year.

- Brendan Hilliard, Obviate Media


 Boygenius // the record

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