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MorMor // Semblance

Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part. A certain songwriter said that one time, but it applies universally. Such is the case for the debut album from MorMor, Semblance. 

Seth Nyquist took his name from his Swedish family’s term for “Grandmother”. While that term might suggest a sound that may be old-timey, it is anything but. What it is is a collection of atmospheric pop songs that suggest a natural energy and finely tuned songwriting chops.

Album opener “Dawn” sounds like the beginning of something. A drawn-out single synth line that eventually takes a step down before MorMor’s effortless falsetto sews itself into the track. It’s a great opener and table setter for the rest of the record. “Seasons Change” is next, and it’s a piece of summery confection with cool “oohs” and delicately strummed guitars that will fit perfectly on any playlist this year.

On “Far Apart”, things get a little fuzzier. MorMor’s falsetto breaks into a spoken word bit. The guitars here are a little crunchier, and there’s a lot of morsels sprinkled throughout the track that you’ll be going back to catch in your headphones. “Here It Goes Again” is a ballad with an effervescent ballad that sounds somehow slippery and dry at the same time. MorMor excels at this sound - it feels tangible and real, although its coming from a machine. Tracks like “Days End” and “Lifeless” are wonderful vocal showcases while the big bass and wild guitar punctuations of “Chasing Ghosts” sound like something completely different and arresting on an album that is so focused on beautiful sounds. 

MorMor made a name for himself starting five years ago making music this imaginative and original. If Semblance is the opening salvo of what to expect from MorMor on a long player, the future is bright for whatever he dreams up next.

- Brendan Hilliard, Obviate Media


 MorMor // Semblance

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