DRAMA // Dance Without Me

It’s common these days to see playlists on all the major streaming services have for different topics. ‘Mood playlists’. But what about an entire mood album?

Well, that’s what Dance With Me, the sophomore LP from Chicago-based DRAMA have made. It’s eleven track of pure, hazy moody pop. Formed in 2013 by Via Rose and Na’el Shehade, the record works hard to settle you in quick for truly rewarding listening experience.

DRAMA // Dance With Me

Clippy, drippy beats take the forefront on “7:04 AM” as Via Rosa’s quiet vocal rests just on top of it. The song is aptly titled - it’d be a pleasant song to wake up to in the morning.

“Years” is a bit more anthemic - Rosa’s here at the top of the song - the song’s drums build in intensity until the song breaks into its catchy chorus- and then this promise:  “No matter the distance, wherever you are/Even in death I hope you always know that I was here for you/And I'll be here for you, for years to come”. It’s a great song early on the record.

“Gimme Gimme” ups the tempo a bit with stutter-stop beats, while “Good For Nothing” is a fun late 80’s synth pastiche. “Nine One One” is another highlight, a slow keyed ballad with glittery blips and an irresistible fuzzy bass undercurrent.

Dance With Me is pure ear candy, a record for late nights and early mornings. Every song includes moments that you’ll want to replay time and time again. DRAMA is a group that is so confident in their sound and style already that it’s no surprise that this record is such a nuanced, accomplished delight.

- Brendan Hilliard, Obviate Media


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