JP Saxe // Dangerous Levels of Introspection

Chances are you may have heard of JP Saxe, but might not know it. It’s likely through the Finneas produced “If the World Was Ending”, the duet with his now-girlfriend, Julia Michaels. It is a streaming juggernaut, with literally hundreds of millions of streams. Almost two years later, Saxe breaks off in to his own spotlight with his debut album, Dangerous Levels of Introspection.

Saxe, Toronto-born, Los-Angeles based has crafted an album of on point ballads and mid-tempo numbers built on piano or acoustic guitar.  Lead single “A Little Bit Yours” fits the mold as a building piano ballad. It is the perfect piece to find itself on a playlist to play on a warm summer evening.

JP Saxe Vinylmnky BROTM

Other tracks Saxe finds a little help from his friends, including the tender guitar-backed “Line by Line” featuring megastar Maren Morris. Morris lends her ethereal backing vocals before taking a verse of her own. It’s a great conversation ballad and not only is a great showcase for Saxe, but a standout track in Morris’s already impressive catalogue.

“Like That” stands out from the pack. It starts quiet, a little pensive and begins a slow build to a shining chorus where Saxe sings about sort of love that he’s never experienced. It feels like something you’d hear soundtracking a coming-of age love story.

Dangerous Levels of Introspection is unique in the sense that it’s a showcase for an artist who has already experienced some success. These songs are good - it’s an easy breezy listen, but it’s a tantalizing look at an artist who is just coming into the full potential of his abilities.

- Brendan Hilliard, Obviate Media


Listen to Dangerous Levels of Introspection


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