7 Reasons Why Millennials Are Loving Vinylmnky

It's clear the vinyl resurgence is here. One company is not only leading the resurgence, but paving the way for millennials to get their vinyl - and specifically, new artists and new music. Discover seven different reasons why Vinylmnky is loved by so many millennials and is their choice for a vinyl record club.

1. They've got damn good taste in music.

From CHVRCHES to Beach House, Robert DeLong, and more, these guys know new music and new artists. To top it off, they work directly with the artists and their management teams to incorporate special add-ons to each package for the Tribe. What more could a fan of new music ask for?

2. Tribe Member Benefits.

What these guys really care about is the Tribe Member experience. They go above and beyond to ensure their members get the full experience - and they do a damn good job of doing it. All Tribe Members get 20% off the marketplace, free U.S. shipping, random tickets to concerts and they even sent a Tribe Member to Coachella this year. That's what you call Tribe Benefits.

3. Highest Quality Pressings.

Vinylmnky strives for the highest quality in everything they do. From the packaging and care of the record, to how it was made. This is why all records are vetted for the highest quality.

4. More than just a club. It's an Experience.

Being a Vinylmnky Tribe Member is an experience at it's core. The Tribe is a community that gets engaged and connected to the artists behind the music on an a personal level, and also catalyzes new music discovery for each and every member. From every social media platform to their artist interviews and New Music Friday posts, everything is tailored to the Tribe experience.

5. It's run by two best friends and cousins.

Travis and Nick Jourdan wanted to blend their love of new music and vinyl into something they could share with the world - so they started Vinylmnky.

6. They let you "set it and forget it".

To keep you constantly grooving and always at the forefront of the trend, Vinylmnky offers membership plans where packages are sent automatically based on each Tribe member's preference.

7. They love their customers and their customers love them.

Whether it's for assistance, answering any questions, or just to talk about vinyl and new music, these guys have customer service down. They're the best in the business: responsive and resolution oriented, and above all - they care about their Tribe more than anything else.

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