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We at Vinylmnky not only know that vinyl is the best format to discover new music, but the artwork and jacket paired with the vinyl adds to the experience. The protection of the jacket is an integral part of caring for your vinyl, and that's why we've partnered with Groove Vinyl to provide the ultimate protection and care for your records. Groove Vinyl makes products for the protection, storage, display, and enjoyment of vinyl records so you can maintain that beautiful experience and showcase your record in all of its glory!


Vinylmnky and Groove Vinyl met at the Austin Record Convention, the largest record convention in the USA, and quickly realized that we have a shared dedication to providing the highest quality products to our customers and we had to join forces.

So what does that does that mean for the Tribe? Starting in August, all Breakthrough Records not encased in film will come packaged in Groove Vinyl's high gloss 4mm Archival Vinyl Jimmy Hat LP Sleeves. Keep an eye our for other groovy initiatives in the near future!

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