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The Audio Guru: Are reissuses better than originals?

Vinylmnky's latest service to our Tribe is partnering up with Barry Thornton, an Audio guru to answer all of your hardware, vinyl, and audio questions - further enlightening us on how your music listening experience works and can get even better!

Barry Thornton, owner of, is an experienced audiophile who has designed over 70 hi-fi products, taught psycho-acoustics, designed recording studios and performance venues, recorded records, has 30+ patents, has always been in love with vinyl, and always searching for the eargasm - that moment when the music comes alive. Barry has a long list of credits that you can find on his website, but most importantly he has lived and helped define the hi-fi era.

The latest question answered by the Audio Guru is:

Are Reissue LPs better than originals?

There is a possibility the repress will be better in the long run. Basically what happens is the record gets mastered (tape or digital) into a vinyl disc (an acetate disc) and from this they make a stamper that presses out records. Over a certain time, the stamper wears out and you have to do a new mastering to make more discs. Each time a mastering happens, a human will have to be involved by converting the vibrations into the grooves of the vinyl. The more the masters are done by the same mastering guy the better quality, since we all get better with practice.  

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Barry is here to help the Tribe bolster their listening experience in small, simple, and fun bites. Go ahead, give him your best.

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