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Khruangbin // Mordechai (Pink Translucent Vinyl)

Dead Oceans

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Mordechai is a story of finding yourself in unexpected places. Travel weary and without a home after 24 itinerant months of travel and touring, Laura Lee went on a hike with a family of strangers, led by a father named Mordechai. Here, on this least expected journey after so many others, she found spiritual awakening and rebirth. Known already for drawing on the music of locales like Thailand and Iran, Khruangbin found their most diverse and global influence by looking inward, returning to their hometown and America's most diverse city: Houston, TX. With Laura Lee's voice now clear and centered amid a glossolalia of musical influence and 14 languages, Khruangbin have found singularity in multiplicity.

Release Date:  6/26/2020

Track Listing
  1. First Class

  2. Time (You and I)

  3. Connaissais de Face

  4. Father Bird, Mother Bird

  5. If There Is No Question

  6. Pelota

  7. One to Remember

  8. Dearest Alfred

  9. So We Won't Forget

  10. Shida

Category: Album, Khruangbin, Rock

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