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All Them Witches // Nothing As The Ideal (Clear Vinyl)

New West Records


(Limited Edition, Gatefold LP Jacket, Clear Vinyl, Indie Exclusive) The follow-up to 2018’s ATW is titled Nothing As The Ideal. The eight-track album was recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios and produced by All Them Witches and Mikey Allred, who worked with the band on 2015’s Dying Surfer Meets His Maker.

Release Date:  9/4/2020

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. Saturnine & Iron Jaw
  2. Enemy Of My Enemy
  3. Everest
  4. See You Next Fall
  5. The Children Of Coyote Woman
  6. 41
  7. Lights Out
  8. Rats In Ruin

    Category: Album, All Them Witches, Rock

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